21 August 2008

soup and cheese

I have proved, once again (to myself at least), that grilled cheese and tomato soup are the ultimate food pairing. And maybe not just an ultimate comfort food, but an ultimate food. Period.

  • one onion, sliced
  • eight smallish carrots, likewise
  • a few stalks celery, chopped
  • two leeks, sliced thin
  • four or five large orange tomatoes (I used the ones with red near the top, shaped like beefsteaks), chopped into big chunks
  • four cloves garlic
Sauté the first four ingredients in olive oil and a nob of butter. Season with salt. Cook until onion starts to get some color (twenty minutes on medium-low?). Add the tomatoes and garlic. Add enough water to cover the tomatoes. Cook for half an hour or so until very soft. Pass through a food mill. Add some olive oil into the pan and cook 2tbs flour for a few minutes. Add puréed soup back to the pot and reheat. Add pepper.

Make that grilled cheese while it reheats. This is great with emmenthaler on sourdough. Nasturtiums add a nice green and peppery touch. With these tomatoes there's no need for the baking soda trick: these are a little lower in acidity as it is. So you just get pure tomato goodness. And cheese and bread, fried, make it heaven.


  1. YES. GC & TS = ultimate summer food pleasure. Thanks for the yummy-looking recipe!

  2. Joseph,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you eat something wonderful today!
    Love, Alissa

  3. It really is the best combo on earth.