25 February 2013

chicken chili

I've heard about "chicken chili" — and have never tried it — and was poking around the internet for a recipe. After some deliberation, I decided that I wasn't buying a rôtisserie chicken or roasting a chicken first. Instead, I started by sautéeing an onion in my crock pot, adding two each chopped poblano and jalapeno peppers (above photo), and then I added the meat of a raw chicken (I kept the bones on the drumsticks and removed them after cooking), a heaping tablespoon each freshly toasted and ground coriander and cumin, a quart of stock (from a previous chicken, this carcass goes into another pot), a cup or two of navy beans that had soaked for less than an hour (given that I planend to cook them overnight) some salt and a ground, dried and toasted cayenne pepper or two. This sat in my crockpot overnigth on low.

And the result was this (above). This provided a fantastic meal (actually multiple; and I froze part of this for upcoming PhD exams when I will only have time to thaw and reheat). Cilantro, black pepper and lime make it complete.

24 February 2013

shaker lemon pie

Shaker lemon pie really is more grand with Meyer lemons — I do wish I had taken a photo of a slice before we devoured it all.