15 February 2007

goat, no photo.

Tonight I brought goat stew to work, the last of a 5lb package of goat (2lb ground, 3lb stew) from the lady who sells me goat cheeses at the market. I think that the alcohol may not have all evaporated as I felt a bit overwhelmed after lunch. It made me want to sit down (which I actually did, for a moment, it was so slow). The stew started yesterday around 10 am with a bottle of chianti, 2lbs of goat, herbes de provence and some onion. Lots of pepper came latter on, as well as a whole wheat bread, à la Boston brown, -- you know, in a coffee can, but this was in some stoneware bread crock I received for Christmas that stuck on the bottom -- and roasted parsnips (which I found out have tons of potassium. And roasted, almost a bananna-like texture, no? [cf. potassium in bananas]).

14 February 2007

going a-way

It's been a few weeks, but to commemorate M.'s becoming of a Trojan, we had a party to wish her well as she left for Troy. Starting with this roasted pepper.

I made two sauces for the lasagne: roasted red pepper & garlic and an Italian sausage sauce. I'm not really a sausage person, and just becoming a meat person over the last two years, so I decided to give it a go. The hot Italian sausages at Wholefoods are quite wonderful in sauce (but divine with beluga lentils, as I had the other night).

Then there was pasta, the cheeses (sliced mozz., on top, ricotta-parmasean inside), spinach, the assembly...

The fun part was the hors d'oeuvres. I made limoni di amalfi from the Jamie Oliver book from M. They're lemons, halved and hollowed, filled with anchovies, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil which are then baked until it's gooey and lemony and ready to be spread on toast... or sucked right out of the shell.

There were also other crostini: a bruchetta, sautéed garlic and greens, and a roasted garlic-white bean mash.

D. made lemon bars and brownies for dessert, and my co-hosts (or the hosts, as it wasn't my house), A. and K. did a wonderful spread of cheeses, crackers. And, in his fashion, A. had an 8mm movie for us: Fine Food, Fine Pastry, Open 6 to 9.