15 February 2007

goat, no photo.

Tonight I brought goat stew to work, the last of a 5lb package of goat (2lb ground, 3lb stew) from the lady who sells me goat cheeses at the market. I think that the alcohol may not have all evaporated as I felt a bit overwhelmed after lunch. It made me want to sit down (which I actually did, for a moment, it was so slow). The stew started yesterday around 10 am with a bottle of chianti, 2lbs of goat, herbes de provence and some onion. Lots of pepper came latter on, as well as a whole wheat bread, à la Boston brown, -- you know, in a coffee can, but this was in some stoneware bread crock I received for Christmas that stuck on the bottom -- and roasted parsnips (which I found out have tons of potassium. And roasted, almost a bananna-like texture, no? [cf. potassium in bananas]).

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