13 August 2008


From all this rain and these storms, my CSA has lost ten acres of crops since July! (Today the roma tomatoes were all crushed, wooden spikes and all, as if run over by a tractor...)

It seems like a waste of a whole lot of work planting, weeding, etc. for acres to be lost. I suppose that's part of the gamble of these things. Whereas my minute garden is between two houses and protected from high winds, these storms have swept across open fields and the water has drowned multiple crops.


  1. That's the beauty of the CSA; you get to ride out the good and bad with your farmer.

    I remember last year my csa farms corn crop suffered severely from the lack of rain while other crops flourished.

    I’ve never felt more in touch with my food.

  2. Yeah. I might have to give up on a bounty of tomatoes, but there are tons of greens that love it cooler and wet.