03 March 2008


I made a Vollkornbrot -- a 100% whole rye bread with sunflower seeds. It's mainly a sourdough with a teeny bit of yeast (which I'll probably omit next time as it was probably not necessary). I used coarse whole rye (70%) and rye chops (30%). It made this one heavy loaf that was baked for about 80 minutes (470ºF for a quarter of an hour, 380º for the rest -- the initial heat helps it get lift since there's so little gluten). I let it rest for 48 hours, and then I cut into it:

It's been a week since I first cut into it and it's now as good as that first slice -- it may even be better. With time the rye gets a full flavor, almost spicy, and the sourdough element keeps its tang.

On a very different note, the ultimate winter comfort lunch:

It's a grilled cheese of cheddar and sourdough semolina bread (this and the last from Hamelman's Bread) with an cream of tomato soup from Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. It leaves me with just a few jars of tomatoes from last year's canning madness, but was well worth it.

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  1. Fermentation is my life. Well, now that I'm baker that is.
    You know the hooch that collects on top of sour starter? A half ounce of that mixed with an ounce of whole milk, left overnight in a warm spot, then fed 2 ounces of milk, 4 ounces, 8 ounces the second day, then 16, 32, etc the third day, and you will have a nice homemade buttermilk for Irish soda bread. Check out "Wake up and Smell the Fermentation" on my blog.