12 July 2009

strawberry gin

Having heard about the delights of sloe gin I thought I'd give it a try with strawberries as I have no idea where one might find sloe berries.

I filled a quart container with hulled strawberries and added a third of a cup of sugar. I filled it with gin and swirled the berries a little to dissolve some of the sugar.

Agitating the jar every few days I let it go as the berries lost their color fading to a pink-white and then to a dull gray. Meanwhile, the sugar dissolved and the gin turned a bright red. It's been three weeks, and it is delicious. Not to sweet, full of berry flavor and maintaining the gin flavor (New Amsterdam gin, which makes a terrible martini or gin-and-tonic but is suited for this as vanilla is its predominant flavor).

Should be perfect for a strawberry gin fizz, or pink lemonade, right?

Also made anise hyssop gin. Wonderful. Green like chartreuse and delicious.

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