12 July 2009

a very rich stock indeed.

Every now and I then I make a truly great stock. It'll be golden (or amber, if beef), rich, clean and will set lightly when cooled. I've taken to not roasting, sautéeing or otherwise pre-cooking anything (unless, naturally, this is leftover from roasting something else). This reduces fat that'll have to be skimmed off anyway. I've also been using a slow cooker, which works splendidly.

Vegetables: carrots, whole parsley, fennel. There's also allspice, salt and peppercorns.

Feet — for gelatin, body and the flavor that comes with the bones — and necks — for that meat flavor and more bone richness. About 3 lbs total.

The feet need to be blanched for five minutes and then the tips and any pieces of the skin that won't come clean get cut off.

Everything gets tossed in the crock pot. High for five hours with the lid ajar, five hours at low.

And it sets like this, no reduction necessary. Rich and smooth when warm, not quite clear but very meaty (I haven't the patience to clarify stock, I usually just strain it three or four times). Some day I'll take this to the next level and make a consommé.

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