25 August 2013

blueberry-apricot preserves

After having thought that apricots were gone for the season, I found some at a farmers' market on Saturday. In my zeal, I purchased more than I'd eat in a week, so I deciced to make a jam with them and some delicious Michigan blueberries. Apricots and blueberries complement each other wonderfully here.

This is a basic jam recipe: I used 1 lb. apricots, ½ lb. blueberries, and 1 lb. sugar. I cooked this with the kernels of about half of the apricots, wrapped in cheesecloth for easy removal (break the pits by tapping them with a hammer whilst wrapped in a towel, as I did for this tart). I added the zest and juice of a lemon partway through. I cooked this until 220ยบ (F), and once it would jell on a saucer that had been kept in the freezer, I removed the apricot kernels, ladled the preseves into jars, and processed them in a hot water bath for 12 minutes.

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