26 February 2010


Needing inspiration in the face of limited produce and a pantry of dry goods that require time and care, I opened Mastering the Art of French Cooking (vol. I) and browsed the potato section. I came across the "Gratin de pommes de terre aux anchois." I had potatoes (some local Kennebecs), anchovies, eggs and cream. A friend brought over a some cheese for finishing. Julia Child dices the potatoes and minced the onions, I sliced them both thin and used more onions. I parboiled the potatoes, layered them with onions and a few anchovies, poured a ½ pint of cream with a yolk, salt and pepper over everything. Garnish with shredded hard cheese and some of the oil from the anchovies. Bake until boiling around the edges and browning on top.

This was a great dinner with some local greens & vinaigrette and lentils braised with red onion.


  1. I am so very jealous of people whom you invite over for meals, or even your neighbors who get to smell the delicate flavors from across the "palier"... Miss you much Joseph! I still lovingly use your Creuset pot roast dish.

  2. Melissa — I am so happy that that pot still has a happy home! Hopefully I'll be in Paris cooking for you in sometime the next few years!

    À bientôt — À Paris! — et grâce à mes études!