12 February 2010

braising oxtail

This is my second attempt at making oxtail. Last time I braised the oxtail with brussels sprouts and turnips. Here, I go to Jennifer McLagan's recipe in her sublime book Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient. First, the oxtail are seared in suet.

A mirepoix mix is sautéed in the fat, wine is used to deglaze, bay, star anise and garlic is added, and then it is covered in stock (I used a mix of lamb and beef stocks) and let to braise slowly in the oven. I also added some marrow bones and allspice berries. The meat is then taken out of the broth to cool.

Once cooled, a rich fat can be taken off the unctuously gelatinous stock.

After a second braise in the oven.

Served with suet dumplings poached in lamb stock. Incredible.

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  1. Good stuff, oxtail also makes a killer ragu.