27 April 2009

a simple salad.

This salad was somewhat inspired by the marinated kale salad at Urban Forage in SF; I've made one that seemed close tho theirs: kale marinated in vinegar and oil until it loses a bit of its crunch. This one here has no oil during the marination process and uses little vinegar. I cut red mustard greens and kale in chiffonade and julienned carrots. That was tossed with salt and a bit of ume vinegar (brown rice or cider or a good red wine one would work as well). That was pressed in the tsukemono ki for three hours (any container with a weight would do). N.b.: this moved along well as it's 75ยบ out. I then squeezed out any excess moisture and drizzed the salad with sesame oil and garnished it with pressed bean curd and roasted black sesame seeds. The mustard greens have so much flavor that the salad needs nothing else.

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