03 February 2008

soup from the soup queen

Wild mushroom & walnut soup

Tunch showed off this wonderful soup in The Salted Cod. (Pictured is my attempt). It's wonderfully earthy and rich and extremely satisfying. I started it a bit late and the only store open (Big Y) didn't have leeks (neither did I, having just made leek soup) and I had forgotten porcini, but I made do. And half the liquid that I used was turkey stock (last of Thanksgiving's). I also, as suggested, upped the walnuts (who doesn't like walnuts anyway?). I also didn't use a blender (as I don't have one and food processors don't like soup) -- it was passed twice through my food mill.


  1. Did you bake that fantastic looking bread? That looks just like the bread I buy at The Hungry Ghost in Northampton. Did you only use crimini mushrooms? you must must must try it with porcinis, they are so delicious! Thank you for trying the soup. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. The bread is this sourdough miche that I made last week. I forgot to get porcinis; I'll be sure make it with them next time.