31 January 2008

a tea cake, a miche

I adapted this from Jamie Oliver's Torta Della Giovane Sara -- adding a little water to help the yeast give it more rise and substituting blood oranges for the lemon. It makes for a wonderful tea cake sort of thing.

½ oz. yeast in 3 T water / ½c. butter, melted / 134c. flour. / 2 eggs. / 1c. sugar. / 2 small blood oranges (zest & juice). / pine nuts.

Add butter to water/yeast mixture. Mix it all until smooth and pour into a buttered-and-floured 7 or 8-inch springform. Let rest ten minutes. (This -- as well at the water -- help it rise just a bit more. It's still firm like a poundcake.) Bake at 325ºF for 40-45 minutes.

And I made a whole wheat miche -- it's got a stiff levain starter and some rye and white flour. It's very good, and at four pounds it keeps for a week or so. (With the long, slow fermentation it had organic acids to help it keep and the size means moisture has farther to go to leave). It's from Hamelman's Bread.


  1. It looks like your breads are coming along, they're looking pretty good. What kind of tea did you enjoy with your cake?

  2. It's good with this.

    And thanks. I should post about my experiences at work. It can be hard, but it's good.