01 October 2009

roasted kabocha soup

I had half of a roasted kabocha squash in the fridge, some goats milk that needed to get used up and a handful of scotch bonnets. It's also autumal in the cold, blustery and quiet sort of way. This is extremely comforting. The scotch bonnets give this a smooth heat that balances with the kabocha but leaves lingering heat on the lips. The goat milk is subtle but grassy and smooths it all out.

Temper a cardamon pod, a cinnamon stick and a tablespoon each of coriander and mustard seeds (heat on high in grapeseed oil until the mustard is popping and everything is fragrant). Add a diced red onion, and grated garlic and ginger. Then add a chopped whole (or seeded, if you like) scotch bonnet and a teaspoon each of turmeric and salt. Let sweat on high. Add a cup or two of goats milk (or cow or almond milk, I'd imagine), half a roasted kabocha and water to make it smooth, if necessary. Reduce to a simmer. Pass though a sieve or food mill.

Red shiso makes a fantastic garnish and goes splendidly with kabocha.

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  1. my mom and i grow these every year -- it is my favorite squash. so much of the japanese stuff here is also stuff we eat in my house -- i think of it as peasant food. this is an amazing blog.