08 July 2008


An entirely homegrown salad: Alissa's escarole, cucumber and baby summer squash with my nasturtiums. A perfectly bitter early summer salad: the sharp escarole was offset by the sweetness of raw squash and cucumbers while the nasturtiums' sweetness pairs with escarole's bite and its pepperyness goes well with a spicy mustard vinaigrette.

And then cauliflower (from the CSA), tossed with nutmeg and olive oil and grilled. Simple; very, very good:

And mackerel, one of my favorite fish, stuffed with thyme, preserved lemons and garlic, grilled:

And the last of my many strawberries, all tarted up.


  1. Alissa Wallenstein7/31/2008 09:06:00 AM

    Thank you for the lovely evening, Joseph! Now I want a food blog! I will just live vicariously through yours.

  2. I live vicariously through your food pictures! You need a blog!