30 September 2006

& lasagne

Stephanie was here for a wedding, and Jonathan due to his new location. So...

While the tomatoes were brining, I made lasagne -- a white lasagne with delicata squash, carrots, mizuna and the standards (ricotta, paramsean, parsley).

Meanwhile, Jonathan documented the lasagne noodles on the rack. (Nothing special this time around, just eggs, semolina and salt...)

And then Stephanie and Jonathan prepped apples for the nougatine tart that was heavenly. Recipe courtesy of Tartine.

(I'm having a major internal debate: grad school or cooking school?)


  1. Joseph,
    I think this is the start of a fabulous new Pioneer Valley public access cooking show via Joseph's kitchen. Special guest tarts Jonathan and Stephanie supply the blundering mischief and amateur cuteness. Next time more wine, cigarettes, and non-stop house music. Did the beets come out OK?


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